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How to understand water pressure

Did you know?

10m height equals 100 kilo Pascal equals 1 Bar pressure.

If you have a tank or a reservoir that is raised 10 meters from the ground and connect the tank to a closed valve that is on the ground, you will see a reading of 1 Bar (or 100kPa) pressure on a pressure gauge. If you raise the tank or reservoir to 25m, you will get a reading of 2.5Bar (or 250kPa) on the pressure gauge, etc. (The pressure zero flow rate is also called static pressure)

I have asked an AI Bot to explain “water pressure” in layman’s terms. Very interesting reply!!

“Water pressure refers to the force at which water flows through a pipe or other closed system. It is typically measured in pounds per square inch (psi) or kilopascals (kPa). A higher water pressure means that the water is flowing more forcefully, while a lower water pressure means that the water is flowing less forcefully. Factors that can affect water pressure include the size and condition of the pipes, the height of the water source, and the demand for water in a given area.”

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